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So much better than nail polish!

I have been using Sunday Nails now for just over a month and love them. I've finally found something that's super easy to apply and lasts for up to 2 weeks without chipping, peeling or breaking. I can't wait to try more colours out.

Tried Cheaper brand first... Not good.

I had tried a cheaper brand prior to Sunday Nails. They were not good and did not stay on more that 1 hour. I was determined to get the Sunday Nails on and stay on. Followed the instructions, did each nail at a time, made sure they cured. So far so good. Nearly 24 hours.
Love the colour (lilac) and they feel great. It is well worth taking your time to ensure the nails are on properly.

Sunday Nails AU
Christie Balfoort
Love love love Sunday Nails

I had seen so many ads on my Facebook and instagram of these nail stickers that set hard and I was sceptical at first. I bought the starter kit and was immediately in love. I am a chronic nail biter and have struggled to have nice nails without the excessive expense of acrylic nails (which damage your nails even more). When I change over to a new colour I am always amazed at how healthy and long my nails are now, it is so nice!

Since then I have purchased another 8 sets and love every single one that I have tried! I have recommended Sunday nails to all of my friends and they love them too!

Sunday Nails AU
Judie Buttery
Change can be difficult

Being an older person my first set while looking gorgeous, took me over an hour to apply & I lost them in a week because I didn’t rough the nail first. It took me a while to follow up with my second set, no pics, which had designs on them a bow some flowers on another well, challenge accepted! I have small nails so needed to cut them down. Wishing I did take pics now, I remembered to rough up the nail & they lasted for 2 weeks before discolouration occurred on the clear ones with the bow & the flower one too. All in all these nails are are better alternative than having my nails destroyed at a nail salon I’ve purchased more plain colours only & will take pictures of my next set 💕

Sunday Nails AU
Not your business
Haven't tried them yet…

Took a long time to arrive compared to other sellers and so used a competitors version first. As those are still going strong I haven’t had to change them yet. Please don’t nag for reviews. I will happily give you one when I have had time to a. Apply the stickers and b. See how long they last.

Love the quality and style

Love these nails. This is the first time trying this brand and very happy so far. Great quality for price especially if you get them on special.

There is some variation between the colours as one pale lot only lasted four days while a darker one lasted over two weeks. But may just be a batch issue.

Thanks very much. ❤️

Awesome and easy

Thank you so much they are wonderful and easy to put on!

So great !

I tried this for the first time last night and I am so happy with how it turned out. Application was so easy and they look just as good as nails done in the salon. I am curious to know how well they last, but I have done dishes etc and so far so good !. Will definitely be getting more and reccomending to everyone I know!


Wow so easy no mess love it

I want to love them BUT....

Happy with the colour and I loved the concept but no matter how many times I put them under the UV light, they didn't cure/harden like they show in the ads. I found that when trying to file off the excess, the nail would just bend and then would lift when I would try to remove the excess that had folded underneath my natural nail. I think they're great if you didn't have time to get to a salon and had a special event - you could put them on that day and they look great, but they do not last more than a few days, let alone weeks, as I had hoped.

Great alternative to fake nails!!!

I really don't like fake nails amd these are rhe perfect alternative. So easy to do and the colour range is awesome! I love these nails!!!

The reason I have waited nearly 3 weeks to write this…

My nails don’t like polish it comes off almost the same day, ived tried every nail thing you can imagine! I work in hospo so my nails go through a lot! I waited this long to review because I wanted to make sure it did what it said and to share my joy! WELL IT DID!!!!! So amazing I’ve already ordered more and my nail is not damaged!!! Thankyou so much! Genius!!!

Sunday Nails AU
Madisyn Ryan
Love love love

Absolutely love these nails!! Cute design and easy application, havent worked out how to stop the lifting soo early on in the weeks but love the product over all

Not great

Unfortunately they have only been on my nails a few days and they are already fading and peeling.
I have another lot and I'm hoping for better results.
I use glove when I clean and try to look after them.

Game changer!!

These are so easy to use, they stay on for ages for me (nearly a full 2 weeks), super easy to remove and no damage to my nail. The designs are so cute too!

Pretty, doesn't last

It's frustrating that as consumers we don't get easy access to real reviews of products anymore, as there's so many compensated positive reviews being pushed to the top. This product has a very good review score on average, but it simply doesn't reflect reality.

The designs are pretty, which makes for great pictures of course. But the quality is very poor, and paying this much for a product that sometimes doesn't even last 24hrs is robbery. And I know my experience isn't an isolated one, as I see others talking about the same specific quality issues (nails not hardening, layers separating from each other).

I looooove these nails

I’ve been a nail biter for as long as I can remember and when I say bite I mean bite, nearly non existent nails bleeding fingers that were always so sensitive I couldn’t even use them sometimes. It’s been nearly a month since I purchased my starter pack and I have nails! Each set has lasted me about a week because my nails were growing out, there wasn’t much to stick too and it was such a novelty having nails that I play with them constantly so they lift in certain sections. I purchased another three pack of nails and now that I actually have decent length nails to stick them to I’m expecting they will last me longer than a week as long as I can’t stop fiddling with them. I was always so embarrassed by my fingers so being able to go on this nail growing journey in the privacy of my own home was amazing and I have had so many compliments on my nails. It’s also true that they don’t damage your real nails. And someone with super thin easy to bend and break nails, removing the nails as per the instructions has not damaged my nails my real nails. Thanks Sunday Nails, I currently have the longest, healthiest nails that’s I have ever had. Im always looking at and admiring my nails and I’m so proud to show off my fingers.

Great product

I love that these save me time and money at the salon. I’ve had my first set on for 2 weeks and haven’t had any issues. My only negative would be that they don’t set hard like in the instagram ads, despite putting them under the UV light for 2 mins +. But they have lasted well and I will continue to use them!

Such a time and money saver

Love that these save me time in heading to the salon and cost me half the price.
Look just as good as good!
I only wish they lasted more than 5 days.

Easy application, pretty designs

The application process is easy, and the designs are pretty. However, I’ve tried 3 different sets, and each set has chipped within 4 days, and some have even lifted. I followed the instructions very carefully, and I don’t overuse my hands. I love the idea of the product, and am quite disappointed that none of the sets have been successful in staying on for at least 1 week.

Sunday Nails AU
Beth Watson
Love this product!!!

Easy to use and my nails look natural and beautiful 😍 extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely order more!

Sunday Nails AU
Abbey Sparrow
Better than Shellac!

I have Shellac Nail polish and it normally starts wearing or peeling within the first 3 days. I’ve had Sunday nails on for a week and they haven’t budged! Love them!

Very disappointed.

Nails would not stay on. Wasted my money.

Good Product great customer service

Good Product great customer service

Easy peasy

Sunday nails are a breeze to put on. I thought they'd be much much much harder to use but I was so surprised because it was so simple. When I took them off there was no smell
Of Acetone or a nail salon pong. Dont hesitate you must try them too you'll be as surprised as I was.